CREEM #001


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Fall 2022

CREEM is available only to subscribers, but we found a few extra copies of this guy. Collect two: one to smudge your greasy little fingers all over, and one to resell on eBay.

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Interior layouts from CREEM #001


  • A cover (technically not “inside,” but close enough) featuring a pretty picture by Raymond Pettibon
  • How Mac DeMarco ruined Western civilization
  • An oral history of Crazy Horses, the 1972 Osmonds album that secretly rocks
  • An excerpt from Mods and Rockers, the Who book that will never be
  • Page numbers!
  • A back cover. Comes standard with every issue.
  • Terry Allen (on everything)
  • NOLA punks Special Interest imagine a better future through violence
  • A Southern music mecca, a Sonic Youth shout-out, and the killing of communist bookstore owner Bob Sheldon
  • And much more (“And Much More” would be a great band name...)


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“Ozzy Osbourne came up to me and told me to my face that ‘Crazy Horses’ is one of his favorite rock ‘n’ roll songs of all time.”

--Donny Osmond, Bubblegum Blitzkrieg
CREEM #001


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