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In 1969, on the cover of CREEM No. 2, we introduced Mr. Dreamwhip--a smiling, suggestive, (and totally PC for 2020) middle-finger to the stuffy LIFE Magazines populating the newsstand. Drawn by underground cartoonist R. Crumb, Mr. Dreamwhip was a hit! But it was the mischievous little guy right above, Boy Howdy!, that wormed his way into our cold, corroded, hearts - instantly becoming our mascot and an enduring counterculture icon. 

Now that we’re back, it seems appropriate to bring out Mr. Dreamwhip for an encore as part of our 1969 Bundle.  It's one of our favorites, a piece of rock history, and the perfect way to say “The Boy is back!” 

These are available NOW but limited to 50 pieces - so get 'em while they last.   


Bundle Includes:

-18 x 24" screen-printed poster 

-50th Anniversary commemorative mag, featuring the best-of-the-best from CREEM's twenty-year print run

-OG Boy Howdy! Tote Bag 

-6-pack of Boy Howdy! can wrap stickers, so you can make any beverage a Boy Howdy!

This is a pre-order item. Ship Date is early November.