Welcome to Townie Talk, where musicians tell CREEM all about their cool local scene so our editorial staff can forget that they're sitting in a coworking space featuring toilets that always have just a little bit of strangers' pee on the seats. First up: Say Sue Me from Busan, South Korea. (You read that right⁠—it’s CREEM overseas.)

For the uninitiated: Say Sue Me is a good band, deeply informed by other good bands like Yo La Tengo, Pavement, and Seam, but also Dick Dale and the Beach Boys. “They have a vibrant sound, and we liked that,” Sumi Choi, the band’s singer, tells CREEM about their influences over email. “We live near the beach, so that reverb-filled surf guitar sound seems to suit us. But we're not really followers of Surf rock music and we don't know how to surf.” I also don’t know how to surf! Maybe we could learn to surf together. Are we going to become best friends? (No comment.)

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CREEM: Hello Say Sue Me! What’s the indie rock scene in Busan like?


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