August 1973

August 1973

by CREEM ADMIN on August 01, 1973

AUGUST 1973 


Dear CREEM: 
I’m a 15 year old girl and I live in Newport, Rhode Island. Alice Cooper is coming down here to do a concert in Providence, R.I. and my sister won’t take me and my friends. Of course my friends are going to take the bus and I got to sit on my ass home cuz my asshole parents won’t let me take the bus. They seem to think that I’m 2 years old and that I can’t take care of myself. Well I’ve just about had it with their shit. I’m leaving. I never had the guts to leave before but I can’t wait now. I was gonna stay in school and be a somebody. (So they say.) But now I’ll become a bum. I don’t care anymore. Besides how old do they think half the kids are that go to his concert? A good percent of them are my age even some younger than me. How the hell do they think all these kids get to the concerts? I’m sure the hell they don’t all get rides. Maybe they think I’m gonna get raped or something. I hope the hell I do and get them off my ass! They think they’re so god dam smart. I’d like to kick them both right in the ass. This concert meant so much to me. And I’m so fuckin’ pissed off it ain’t funny. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do: 
Debbie Narse 
Newport, R.I.
P.S. Alice Cooper: I love ya! And I’ll get to your concert if I have to bust my ass!
(Lester Bangs said he’d give you a ride. - Ed.)