March 1971

MARCH 1971 


Dear CREEM: 
I suppose you fuckers are proud of yourselves. Well, let’s set some things straight. You’ve gotten so cool, you think you’re so fuckin’ hip, that you probably don’t listen no more, but at least maybe you’ll print this (seems you’ll print anything, these days) and some of your readers who should know better but don’t will understand. 
Specifically, what the hell makes you think that anyone is interested in reading page after page of Stooges/White Panther drivel? The finest thing about CREEM used to be its very lack of pretension; but lately you’ve become as in-groupish and star struck as the rest. Yeah, look at Lester Bangs ... drone on, Les, drone on. And whatever happened to Dave Marsh? His writing is degenerating into a sort of everyman’s rock ‘n’ roll pap that I find disgusting, abhorrent and a waste of space and ink and paper. 
Maybe it’s time for a vacation, maybe it’s time for you to lay back and analyze where the hell you’re going and what the fuck you’re supposed to be about. Somewhere along the line, young CREEMers, you’ve simply lost track of that essential purpose. And I sure wouldn’t want to see what was once my favorite rockzine become CREEMated (for lack of a better phrase). 
Frank Novowitz 
Milwaukee, Wis
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